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16 Days of Activism - 25 November to 10 December

During these 16 days, women's organisations around the world are engaging with issues of Gender-based violence.  If you want to know more, or get actively involved, read on...

  • Read about Gender equality at: 
  • Read about Gender-based violence at: 
  • And there is more information in the 16 Days of Activism pack below.
Distribute Posters:
Print off the posters below to put up in places you are connected with.
Here are three prayers that you can use and a there are more at the end of the Activism pack below:

Lord, we pray that you will strengthen and support 
all those who are victims of abuse throughout the world; 
who may be feeling alone, frightened and friendless.  
May they know your love and feel your presence 
in their time of adversity. Amen

Lord, we pray for the safety of those suffering domestic abuse
 and thank you for all the organisations that support them.  
We pray that the perpetrators of this violence will seek help to change.  Amen.

Lord, we pray for women and girls across the world 
being raped in situations of war and conflict.  
We give thanks for all who seek an end to this violence 
and ask for your blessing on those who help them. Amen
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