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Parish letter

From the Rector


Dear All

Happy New Year!


This year, along with all the usual hopes, resolutions and celebrations, there is a very particular celebration for one of the parishes in the East Downland Benefice. We will, through the course of the year, be celebrating the 800th anniversary of the building of St. Nicholas’, Beedon.

There are all sorts of plans for the year which will include special services, lectures, pageants and a pilgrimage - and much more! There will be details of these to come, but throughout 2020 there will be plenty of chances to celebrate and remember, and all are welcome to join us for these celebrations.

The church is, however, not just concerned with things of the past - we are called to have in our hearts a burning passion for the world around us and for the future. To that end, here is a challenge: over the course of 2020 can we come up with 800 acts of kindness to truly celebrate 800 years of St. Nicholas’? This is, of course, a challenge to the congregation of St. Nicholas’ and the wider community of Beedon, but it is also a challenge that can be extended to the whole benefice.

The acts of kindness can be large or small and if you’d rather keep it anonymous, that’s fine! Just drop me a line here at the Vicarage (put it through the door, send it by post or email it to beedon800@gmail.com) or it can be written on a card and put in the box in church. The important bit is that we all perform some acts of kindness, and that cards can be written up so that, at our concluding celebration on Sunday 6th December - the feast of St. Nicholas - we can celebrate not only the history of the church, but its continued existence as a gathering place for the active body of Christ in this place.

I often write about the start of the new year of all the joys and problems it brings. Resolutions often feature, and I have written before that, if you are anything like me, your New Year resolutions will (probably) be broken by the time we reach the feast of the Epiphany. Can I ask everyone who reads this to resolve to commit at least one act of kindness this year in thanks for St. Nicholas’, and to let us know so that we can add it to the display at the end of the year? Let’s try and make sure it’s a resolution we keep.


            Every blessing for a year of kindness!