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Parish letter

From Revd Denise


Dear Friends

 Easter is over. We have had our Easter breaks from school and work and eaten our fill of Easter eggs! The children have returned to their studies, to exams, to sporting events, to preparations for their next steps, whether that be to move up to the next class at the end of the school year or to move on to another school or to college or to the world of work.  And we have picked up the reins of our ordinary lives, working, looking after our families, caring for those in need, whether our own relatives or neighbours.  

 So, I want to ask ‘Has Easter made any difference to you?’

 During Lent some of us give something up.  So, if you gave up chocolate or alcohol, maybe you are a little healthier now.  Have you gone back to your old habits or is it now easier to say no to them?

 Some of us take up something like reading or walking, a more regular prayer time or meeting together for bible study or prayer.  If you have done something like that during Lent, what part of it did you really enjoy?  Would you like to carry on in some form?

 During Holy Week we travelled alongside Jesus through the story of the last days of his earthly life, from the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the horror and sadness of the crucifixion on Good Friday.  Were you able to connect the stories of today and the events of our world with that story?  What lessons can we learn for today?  Is our world of mass media, instant communication, the wielding of power and influence so different from the world of 1st century Palestine?  How can we bring to bear the lessons of Jesus’ love and self-sacrifice in our own day?

 Each year we pass through the demands of Lent and the horror of Holy Week to reach the joy of Easter. We proclaim ‘Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!’  He passed through the worst the world could do.  He died and death could not hold him.  He offers us new life – which we are reminded of in the symbolism of Easter Eggs.

 And we are asked for our response.  Do we just pick up where we left off before Ash Wednesday?  Stuck in the same routines, the same familiar activities, patterns of thought and relationships.  Or is Christ inviting us to enjoy his new life, to change things for the better, to improve our relationships, to take up something new and life-enhancing?

 Are you going to accept his invitation and allow the Easter good news to make a difference in your life?


Yours in Christ, Denise