This Week

Fourth Sunday of Easter - 3rd May 2020

Dear all

Even in these days some things don't change, and so I hope you are still managing to have a...


As with last week, I am still hoping to broaden the input to our worship and to that end...

Could you help with our online worship?

I'm not asking anyone to become a video editor but many of you do help with worship on a regular basis. At the moment our services are being streamed and - thus far - they have been done almost exclusively by the denizens of the Vicarage - thanks to Emmeline for her contribution last week! If any of you can help and would be willing to record bits of a service - preferably video but audio would be fine - and then email them to me then I will put together services that are a more collaborative act than at present. If you are interested please email me at and I will send you the material that needs recording. I would need to have the clips by Friday morning in order to do the editing and subtitles, so there's plenty of time. If you have the tech, please do help!

The readings for next week

If you would like to offer the readings then the texts for next week are:

Acts 7.55–60

John 14.1-14

As before, worship from this benefice is available here and a service for this Sunday will be available from 8.30am on the day.

Also inclusded in this week's mailing - along with the Weekly Sheet, we have a sermon from Douglas.

There is still the opportunity to join in a series of daily bible reflections for Easter. EasterPilgrim: The Lord's Prayeris 40-day journey through the prayer Jesus taught his followers. There are a few ways of signing up to receive the reflections can all be found here. The Diocese are also providing lots of resources and help, much of which is highlighted in their weekly news mailing, available here.

Please do spread the word about our revamped benefice website, and encourage others to keep in touch with what is going on by signing up to these updates – just cut and paste the link to them in an email:

Very importantly, if there are any people who you know would like a hard copy of this then please print it off for them or let me know, and I’ll take care of it (whilst keeping physically distant!)

For now, as always, all the best, God bless, and keep safe


Pew Sheet

4th Sunday of Easter
3rd May 2020



The Good Shepherd
Remembering St. Anselm

The Good shepherd.pdf

Easter Service Materials

For you to record at home and send in for inclusion in our worship in the coming weeks

Easter Service Material.pdf