Weekly News

The Fourth Sunday after Trinity - 10th July 2022

Dear all

Onsite Worship:

This Sunday there will be six onsite services:

8.30am - Holy Communion, West Ilsley

9.30am - Eucharist, Winterbourne

11.00am - Baptism & Family Service, Boxford

11.00am - Eucharist, Stockcross

4.00pm - Evensong, Beedon

6.00pm - Evensong, Chieveley

Please note that, although Government restrictions have now been lifted, you are still welcome to use face coverings and hand sanitiser in church, if you would like.

Next Sunday:

There will be five onsite services:

8.30am - Holy Communion, Oare

9.30am - Eucharist, West Ilsley

11.00am - Matins and Baptism, Farnborough

11.00am - Family Service, Chieveley

6.00pm - Eucharist, Peasemore

Private Prayer :

Churches in the benefice open for private prayer are:

Beedon – by arrangement with the Rector

Boxford - Sundays (10am-4pm)

Chieveley – by arrangement with the Rector

Farnborough – Open

Peasemore - Open every day as previously

West Ilsley - Saturdays & Sundays (9.30am-6pm)

Also included below along with the Weekly Sheet, we have a sheet with notes of the Saints' days of the week and details of a Weekend Retreat, led by Douglas, at Douai Abbey entitled 'Spiritual Vision of St Bonaventure'. There are prayers for Ukraine and for peace in the world. In addition, we have our services for July and there is a notice about this year's Ride and Stride. Do read Douglas' sermons in the Selected Sermons section, which can be found at this link.

Finally, my thanks to all who sponsored me and the other ’Chieveley Chaps’ in the Big Golf Race fundraising campaign. I am glad to say that the whole team completed the challenge on 17 June and we have raised almost £14,000 for this good cause. You can still donate if you wish by visiting justgiving.com and searching for ’Chieveley Chaps’ - all donations are still welcome, however big or small! Donations should be made to the page in the name of Mike Bee.

Please do still encourage others to keep in touch with what is going on by signing up to these updates just cut and paste the link to them in an email: https://mailchi.mp/d58d3b280189/east-downland-sign-up

Very importantly, if there are any people who you know would like a hard copy of this then please print it off for them or let me know, and I’ll take care of it.

For now, as always, all the best, God bless, and keep safe


Pew Sheet

10th July 2022
The Fourth Sunday after Trinity


Saints for this Week

For the week commencing
10th July 2022

Saints of the week 07_10.pdf

Weekend Retreat

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th July 2022
Spiritual Vision of St Bonaventure

220722 Bonaventure Retreat (DD).pdf

Services in the East Downland

For the month of
July 2022

07 Services.pdf

Ride and Stride

Information for event
on Saturday 10th September 2022

Ride and Stride Info for churches Apr 2022.pdf

A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Ukraine