Weekly News

The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity - 3rd October 2021

Dear all

Onsite Worship this week:

8.30am - Holy Communion at Beedon

9.30am - Eucharist at Chieveley

9.30am - Eucharist at Peasemore

11.00am - Harvest Festival at West Ilsley

11.00am - Harvest Festival at Boxford

6.00pm - Harvest Evensong at Farnborough

6.00pm - Harvest Festival at Stockcross

Although Government restrictions have been relaxed, we are continuing to encourage the use of face masks and hand sanitiser in church.

Online Worship
Douglas’ sermons will still be available here on the website and there are some excellent online services available via the Diocesan website: www.oxford.anglican.org/coronavirus-covid-19-2/livestream/

Next Week

The Harvest season continues and next week there will be seven onsite services, including some Harvest celebrations:

8.30am - Holy Communion at Oare

9.30am - Holy Communion at West Ilsley

9.30am - Harvest Festival at Winterbourne

11.00am - Eucharist at Stockcross

11.00am - Family Service at Boxford

4.00pm - Harvest Evensong at Beedon

6.00pm - Evensong at Chieveley

See below for further announcements about services.

Private Prayer
Churches in the benefice open for private prayer are:
Beedon – by arrangement with the Rector
Boxford - Sundays (10am-4pm)

Chieveley – by arrangement with the Rector

Farnborough – Open

Peasemore - Open every day as previously

West Ilsley - Sundays (9.30am-6pm)

Also included below along with the Weekly Sheet we have a sermon on 'The Song of Creation', as well as a sheet with notes of the Saints' days of the week. The list of services in the benefice for October is shown below. There is also a copy of the Diocesan course book with a summary of courses for the Autumn and next year. As always, there are some excellent courses on offer, so do take a look. In addition, there is a booklet on 'Serving Your Church' containing information about key parish officer roles, which may encourage you to explore what God is calling you to do.

Please do still encourage others to keep in touch with what is going on by signing up to these updates just cut and paste the link to them in an email:


Very importantly, if there are any people who you know would like a hard copy of this then please print it off for them or let me know, and I’ll take care of it.

For now, as always, all the best, God bless, and keep safe


Pew Sheet

3rd October 2021
The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity



The Song of Creation


Saints for this Week

For the week commencing
3rd October 2021

Saints of the week 03_10.pdf

Services in the East Downland

For the month commencing
3rd October 2021

10 Services.pdf

Serving Your Church

Information about
Parish Officer Roles


Equipping for Life

Courses from the Diocese
for April to July 2021